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Lip Balm Making

Learn to make Lip Balm from your own kitchen. It is a professional  formulation so you can make and sell it.

Topics to be covered:

- What is Lip Balm?

- Ingredients and tools used.

- Properties of each ingredients.

- How to sterilize containers?

- Packaging and Shipping

Types of Lip Balm

1. Beetroot lip balm

2. Orange lip balm

3. Lemon lip balm

4. Strawberry lip balm

5. Shea butter lip balm

6. Rose lip balm

7. Grapefruit lip balm

8. Chocolate lip balm

After this workshop, you can make Lip Balms from your own kitchen.​

- Detailed videos including making process,storage,shelf life etc.

- Pdf notes and vendor details are shared.

- Clear all your doubts on whatsapp.



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